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Your prescription values

Optometrists provide you with your lens powers on prescription or a visual acuity card, in German called 'Brillenpass'. Here you find the values for Sphere (sph), Cylinder (cyl) and Axis (A oder Ax). Select the values for your right and left eye with the select boxes below sph, cyl and ax. If there is no value under cyl on your prescription, you may leave the select boxes for cyl and ax at zero.

Enter the value for the pupillary distance (PD) for the right and left eye as well. The value is commonly displayed as "29 / 29" or  "32 / 31" for example. In this case, the first value represents the right eye, the second value is for the left eye. If only one value is noted, i.e. "65", enter it into the field for the right eye and leave the left eye's PD field empty.

This is what your visual acuity card could look

The numbers under 'Add' are for multifocal lenses only. Since we deliver single vision lenses only, you do not need this value.


Please make sure that the plus (+) and minus (-) signs under sph and cyl are correct. The value of zero has no sign.

If you have selected a value under sph the value under cyl might have been changed. This depends on the lenses' delivery range. If your eyesight value is higher than the selectable value, the lenses must be manufactured custom-made. In this case please drop us a message using the contact form in order to get to know the price.